Gyanda is home to multiple functional facilities that upgrade the school’s infrastructure and make it a class apart.

Language lab

Our teachers use the language lab to move away from traditional classroom teaching techniques and engage our students' learning abilities through various practical activities that would increase and enhance their linguistic aptitude

Computer lab

Our Computer laboratory is equipped with high-tech computer systems that operate on advanced software and hardware apparatus. Through the use of the internet and computers, we intend on introducing our students to modern learning and technological rearing.

Robotics lab

Gyanda invests in the future of science through the robotics laboratory. Here, students are trained in robot designing and computer programming and encouraged in building a career in these fields and inventing smart solutions that would benefit mankind.

Mathematics lab

In the Maths laboratory, our teachers apply complex mathematical concepts to practical real-life experiments, in order to simplify mathematics learning and encourage our students to learn mathematical concepts well.

Social science lab

GIS has a well-equipped social science laboratory which also acts as a functional workroom, that enlightens students in the social science subjects like history, civics, geography, economics and Disaster Management, and makes these subjects interesting for them. In the social science lab, they see what they have learnt.

Smart-tech lab

GIS is one of the few schools in the city which offer a smart tech laboratory and curriculum that contributes to making it a nonpareil institution. Our smart lab adds an esteemed feather to our cap. Our smart lab is designed to provide a learning-centric environment that augments the cognitive faculties of the students and enforce their intellectual development.

Science lab

GIS never compromises with the learning experience of students; thus, our Science laboratory is fully furnished with new and advanced lab equipment, that revolutionize science-learning. Through practical hands-on experiments of the scientific concepts and theories, students gather experience that in turn allows better comprehension of the subject and unlocking of their potential career in the field of science.

Creative art and craft lab

GIS is an advocate of predilection in creativity. Our art and craft lab provides just the right amount of encouragement in this field, by allowing our students to pursue their particular area of interest among the various choices that we offer. Art: Painting, sketching, screen painting, framed wall hanging etc. Craftwork: Block painting, patchwork, tin embossing, jute bags, macramé, bead and sequin works etc